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    		The Unix Archive -- Snapshot January 2002

Welcome to the Unix Archive, run by the Unix Heritage Society. Here you
will find a large collection of Unix releases, applications, documentation,
bug fixes, bootable disk images, and tools to deal with all these things.

Most of the material in the Archive is tainted with source code that was
originally owned by AT&T, Novell, SCO and is now owned by Caldera. Please
read the Caldera-license.pdf, and also the individual copyright notices
for each piece of software in this archive.

If you are reading this file from CD-ROM or other media, then you have a
snapshot of the on-line archive. We have had to split the archive over 2 CDs,
and you will find the top-level stuff duplicated on each CD.

The Unix Heritage Society web pages are at
A mirror of these pages is in Documentation/TUHS_Html.

Archive Layout

The archive is broken into a number of main categories. At present, we
have subdirectories for PDP-11 Unixes, VAX Unixes, the 4BSD collection, and
Other systems. Each category is maintained by a separate interest group. In
general, each category will have the following sub-areas:

Boot_Images		- Bootable disk images. Some of these may be links
			  to files in the Distributions tree
Bug_Fixes		- Bugs and bug fixes from various sources

Distributions		- Full or partial distributions of Unix
Documentation		- Useful manuals and setup instructions, in several
			  formats (nroff, ASCII, PostScript, HTML)
Emulators		- Various hardware emulators

Misc			- Anything which doesn't fit in the other directories

Tools			- Useful tools to work with the old distributions
Trees			- Exploded trees for particular distributions

At the top-level of the Archive, you will find these extra things:

Applications		- Applications written for Unix but not part of
			  original distributions, e.g Usenix s/ware tapes
Documentation		- Documentation relevant to the whole archive

checksums		- MD5 checksums over all files in the archive
			  RFC 1321 describes the MD5 algorithm
lists			- ASCII files giving filenames, sizes & checskums of
			  all files within tarballs in the archive
tools			- Useful tools that are not specific to one category

updates			- List of major updates to the Unix Archive